Trucks Move America… Let Us Keep Yours Moving
We Manufacture
With years of experience in the industry, Lite Service Inc’s leaders have identified gaps between what’s available on the market and what’s needed in the market. We have and will continue to develop products to help fill these gaps in a cost effective way. Our stainless steel light boxes, for heavy duty trailer applications, are one such example.
We Warehouse and/or Distribute
In addition to developing and manufacturing our own products, Lite Service Inc proudly offers the full compliment of products from several premier manufacturers in the transportation industry:
A. L. LIGHTech, offering advanced LED lighting technology at very competitive pricing.
Betts Industries, a major supplier of vehicle lighting products for close to 50 years.

Universal Vehicle PC - adapter cable for engine diagnostics
"One Tool Solution"
DeeZee Heavy Truck, a premier supplier of aluminum boxes, tanks and accessories for the heavy duty trucking industry.

Energy Suspension ®, a world leader in developing and manufacturing polyeruthane suspension products… delivering performance, durability and appearance.

Wide load signs & flags, LED safety products

Xantrex Technology Inc., a world leader in advanced power electronics… converting raw electrical power from nearly any source into the high quality electricity needed by today’s modern devices.